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Every Moment is a Memory

The Model T Ford

There were 15 million Model T Fords built between 1908 and 1927. Three hundred thousand were built in Manchester, England whilst 750,000 were built in Canada, and the remainder in the USA. The Model T put the world on wheels and you could "have any colour as long as it was black" (not quite true!).

About Us

With over 30 years experience, Neil Tuckett has developed a reputation as being one of the worlds most informed people on pre 1930's Ford's. Neil's interest started when his Great Uncle, John Brazil, wanted to enter the London to Brighton Commercial Run with his 1924 One Ton Van which he had bought new. This had cost £132 and was used for his butchery business to transport sausages and pies to London.

After completing the run it was obvious the Van needed "a small amount of work". The spares were difficult to find at that time so whenever the opportunity arose Neil bought spares. Over time other Model T owners got to know about his "collection". The van was soon joined by a car, which became two, then four and before too long there was a shed full! The rest is history.

Today Tuckett Brothers has a fully equiped workshop to deal with all your Model T needs and also a continually changing stock of vehicles for sale. This website gives you a flavour of what is available.

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