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Authentication Letters

We are regularly asked for authentication letters, for DVLA registrations, insurance valuations or probate valuations.

We are happy to support where Neil's knowledge and our records are able to for a small fee.

To assist this process, we ask you to provide as much information on the car or chassis as you can. You can email this to us. Ideally you will share:

  • Your full name

  • Your address (we post the original letter to this address)

  • Your email

  • Your phone number

  • Car serial number

  • Chassis number

  • Registration number (where applicable)

  • Car body type

  • Brief history of the car and/or explanation of what you are looking to achieve through the process e.g. evidence of age to DVLA for registration purposes.

  • Comments / anything else we need to know

  • Photos of the vehicle / chassis as evidence / addition information

Please only send us copies of documents where applicable. You must retain the originals. 

If in doubt on whether your information will be sufficient, please call Neil on 01296 670 500.

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