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General Interest
  • A Model T Ford has been at the top of Ben Nevis twice in the last 100 years (1911 & 2011).

  • 15 million Model Ts were built, and each has 4 spark plugs and 4 coils. That means Ford built over 60million coils and supplied over 60million spark plugs for the Model T!

  • We are running a driving course on Friday 2nd August 2013. See Events for more details!

  • Ford recommended you change your Model T engine oil every 1000 miles.

  • The last Model T produced at Manchester was on 19th August 1927. The serial number of this car was approx. 14995900.

  • The USA built it's last Model T on 31st May 1927 (Serial number 15007033).

  • English Model Ts were fitted with 760 x 90 tyres and wheels in 1912 and 1913. These measured approx. 22" in diameter.


  • Nearly half the Model T Fords leaving the Manchester factory were rolling chassis; hence half the Model T Fords in England have Coachbuilt bodies.

  • At one time, half the cars in the world were Model T Fords which meant half the drivers in the world were Model T drivers!

  • Less than 600 drop frame Two Seat Roadsters were built at Manchester.

  • Only 210 travellers Broughams were built at Manchester.

  • Ireland built it's last Model T on 31st December 1927 (serial number unknown) but continued making blocks well into the 1930s.

  • Starter Motors were first fitted to Model Ts in December 1918.

  • Ford cars first raced at Brooklands in 1906.

  • Henry Ford once said "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."

Production Stats 1923.jpg
WW1 Model T Ford Military Windscreen

This was a recent find and the only one I have ever seen! It was used in WW1 instead of glass. It is now being fitted to a Model T Ford ambulance, currently under restoration. See The English Model T Ford Vol. 1 book for photos of original militart vehicles with these windscreens fitted.

1914 Rear Lamp

I have never seen one of these before either! A 1914 (?) English rear lamp. The unusual shape seems to feature on the 1913 and 1914 English Model T Fords but rarely found in black. 

Ever seen a branded fan belt?

A recent find in the Jim White collection; a Ford branded fan belt. 

A skippon conversion kit

This was used to convert English LHD cars to RHD cars. We featured this in the accessories section of The English Model T Ford Vol. 2 book.

A Watford Milometer

This was fitted to the front axle of the Model T Ford hence no need for cables and swivel assemblies. The downside is you have to get out the car to read your mileage!

Radmill Headlamp

Another different English Model T Ford headlamp for a 1914 car. The details of other headlamp types fitted can be found in The English Model T Ford Vol. 1 book.

Ford Dealer Recovery tool

This item is clamped to the rear axle of the Model T Ford so that the car could be towed home after your half shaft had broken! This is the industrial, heavy duty version to be carried on the local Ford dealers recovery van.

Accessory Oil Filler

Makes filling your engine with oil much easier!

Jamaica bananas advertising!

An amusing advertising slogan on a door we found; "Eat Jamaica bananas for health".

WD Lights (pair)

Just right for any WW1 ambulance! Another recent find...

Quikko Extractor

What is this for?!! I have never seen one before. Made by J W Pickavant & Co Ltd...

A set of detachable wheel hubs

A great accessory to enable you to change your wheel not just your tyre!

A selection of tools

These were a selection of the tools from the JC White collection. From L to R: transmission gear pullers x 2, pair of main bearing bolt spanners (note early and late style), wheel puller and ton truck sleeve puller.

Hudco Transmission

What a lovely accessory - I've never seen one before. I've included a picture of the original advert too - have a scroll through the images! 

1914 Tool Kit

In the current Irish Ford Times there is a copy of a 1914 tool list.
Please find photographs on the left of that tool list assembled from original items, all from Manchester. There are one or two photos in a little more detail. Also shown is a copy of an original dispatch form for a car showing what went out with a Model T car - including tools etc. June 2013

From barn find to new owner

This 1923 English Model T Ford ton truck has been in pieces for over 50 years. We have recently reassembled all the original parts so that a full restoration can begin by the new owner. On it's maiden test drive the woodworm had done their job with the rear wheel and as you can see from the photographs a spare was called for (only 100yds from the workshop!!).

Another success story!

This body was reunited with it's chassis in 2014. Click through the images and you will see the tranformation from storage to driving car.

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