The Model T Ford is a safe and reliable vehicle, but it is different to conventional cars.


If you are a new comer to the "T" or you would like to learn best practice in Driving and Maintenance from a professional, then contact Neil and book yourself onto the courses held at North Marston.

Both courses offer one day intensive training in either driving a Model T or Maintenance of a Model T. Lunch is included in the course cost.


Unfortunately we can't host you in person on any courses currently due to government guidance regarding the Covid pandemic. We will be sure to reschedule when it's deemed safe to do so. Please check back here for further info!

[CANCELLED DUE TO COVID PANDEMIC] Model T Maintenance Course - 22nd February 2020

The course covers everyday maintenance including oil levels, cleaning timers and goes on to include more detailed work – repair of coils, carburettors, band changing and adjustment.

[CANCELLED DUE TO COVID PANDEMIC]  Model T Driving Course - 21st March 2020
This course is designed to teach from the first time driver to the person requiring confidence and practice in a quiet rural surrounding.

For further course information, please click here

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