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This guide provides an insight into the design and construction of the Model T and many of its numerous variants, and the uses to which they were put, along with details of the background to Henry Ford himself and the car.

  • The Model T Ford Story – background and development
  • Anatomy of a Ford Model T – detailed insight with photographs and diagrams
  • The engineer’s view – with two leading experts, Chris Barker and Neil Tuckett
  • The driver’s view – description of controls and driving techniques
  • The owner’s view – first-hand accounts from five owners
  • Competition history – including Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24-hours
  • Endless varieties – including trucks, ambulances and army patrol cars
  • Restoration – three UK-based specialists talk about their projects
  • Adventures – trips to New Zealand and Ben Nevis in Scotland

By Chas Parker with Chris Barker and Neil Tuckett



ISBN: 978-1-913089-22-1

270mm x 210mm, 160 pages

Jacketed Hardback

Over 220 images

Published by Porter Press

Ford Model T An Enthusiast's Guide

SKU: 1314
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